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Beside Pocket Casts, here is Podcast Manager (podcatcher) and RSS feed reader called BeyondPod Podcast Manager. It was developed by BeyondPod Team. They has updated this app on March 8, 2013. And the current version of BeyondPod Podcast Manager apk is 3.0.37.

With this Podcatcher, you can download podcasts from playlist screen functions and reorder your playlists. Beyondpod Podcast Manager android apk has the average rating 4.3 from more than 10,448 reviews. More than 6,376 people give 5 stars on their review.

The size of this app is just 4.7MB. BeyondPod Podcast Manager has been downloaded for 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 times since it was launched.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager Android Apk Download
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BeyondPod has many features that you can enjoy for podcasting. You can read details below: (source: Google Play Store)
  • Sophisticated podcast download engine gives you complete control of how many podcasts to download and how long to keep the old versions. Downloads new content in the background, so you spend more time enjoying your feeds, and less time waiting on them.
  • BeyondPod provides full control over what is being downloaded over your data connection. Update a single feed, feeds in a given category, or all feeds. Download a single podcast, the latest podcasts, or all podcasts for a given feed. Nothing happens without your knowledge. Podcast downloads can be scheduled to occur at a specific time, only when connected to WiFi, or only when the phone is charging. BeyondPod also offers an option to automatically (1) Turn WiFi on, (2) Update your feeds, (3) Turn WiFi back off.
  • BeyondPod's integrated podcast player tracks what podcasts you have listened to, and supports automatically deleting podcasts at the end of playback to save space. There is also a configurable TiVo style "commercial skip" that lets you easily skip over content that you are not interested in.
  • BeyondPod's Smart Playlist automatically generates playlists based on your listening preferences. (For example: First play the 2 newest podcasts of feed A, Then play the oldest podcast of Feed B. etc.). If you follow multiple podcasts Smart Playlist is an excellent way to always listen to what you want.
  • BeyondPod's Home Screen Widget gives you one-button access to your podcasts, SmartPlay, and SmartPlay updates directly from your phone's Home screen.
  • Integration with Google Reader allows you to easily import your Reader subscriptions. BeyondPod will also synchronize the "Read" and "Starred" status of individual posts so you can read the same feed on both PC or Phone.
  • Assign feeds to various categories (such as News, Sports, or Technology) for convenient filtering by topic.
  • Use BeyondPod to discover new podcasts and RSS feeds. Search for feeds, import feeds from a variety of popular directories, from Google Reader, or from external OPML files.
  • Import any local files (music, audio books, voice notes etc) and make them playable in BeyondPod audio/video player as if they were podcasts.
  • BeyondPod supports both wired headsets and Bluetooth receiver (via the AVRC profile).
  • Direct access to the library with thousands of free audiobooks.
  • Use the Sleep feature to automatically turn the podcast playback off after predetermined period of time.
  • Supports Atom, RSS 2.0, RDF and OPML feeds.
  1. Better support for Jelly Bean devices.
  2. Player and Playlist improvements.
  3. Ability to control episode streaming (allow only over WiFi or disable completely).
  4. Improved playback notifications on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean Devices.
  5. You can now replay the last (5..30 sec) from episode
  6. when resuming playback.
  7. All Streamed episodes on the playlist can be downloaded at once.
  8. Bug fixes.

BeyondPod Podcast Manager Apk Download
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  1. BeyondPod Podcast Manager Apk Download (via Google Play)
  2. Download Podcast Manager Apk (via DropBox)

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