Posted in Knowledges on 28th November 2013

A mobile device is highly dependent upon its batteries for power simply because the device wouldn’t be considered highly mobile if it constantly had to be wired to the main power source.

Battery life varies widely, depending on the mobile device type, the mobile device usage, and the actual battery technology it self. There are battery duration times for several mobile device types. The data should not be construed as highly accurate since they are only intended to illustrate the differences in device capabilities.

Pagers and RIM devices use batteries very efficiently and typically do not drain power rapidly. As a result, even though RIM devices are always powered on, simple AA batteries can be used for weeks before they need to be replaced.

Cellular telephone batteries currently can last for several days with non-continuous use before needing to be recharged.

PDAs, Tablet PCs. Laptop PCs also use rechargeable batteries. However, because these devices all demand a great deal of power with continuous use, they typically need to be recharged every few hours.

Up-to-date mobile devices use efficient lithium ion batteries. In the near future, lithium polymer batteries may be used. Lithium polymer batteries are handy because they are pliable and can be twisted to be packed into odd spaces within a mobile device.

In the future, fuel cells may also come into use. These are highly efficient energy and are more environmentally friendly than today’s batteries. However, fuel cells probably will not see widespread availability and use for some years.

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