Onet, a Simple Android Game for Everyone

Onet is a game that was developed by Grafian Software Crafter. Onet is a simple Android game that you can play in your free time.

Basically, this game is a puzzle and the player has to remove all tiles. For doing that, the player should match 2 images which no obstacles between it. The condition of the removing route is no more than 3 turns.

You can play this game on laptop, phone, or your tab. You can also invite your wife/husband or your brother/sister to play this game together. And can get the best score will get a cup of coffee :)

App Screenshots

Onet Android Games Onet Android Games Onet Android Games

Download Onet for Android
Download links of this game available in 2 links, one from Google Play Official and one I give you an Apk file in Dropbox. Okay, here we go:

  1. Download Onet for Android Apk (via Google Play Official)
  2. Onet Games for Android Apk Download (via Dropbox)

See how to play Onet Game, here:

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